Saturn Occultation

Wednesday, May 14 2014 The Moon passed in front of Saturn providing me with my first real viewing of an occultation using my nice little 100mm reflector and with the 1280x1024 USB telescope camera mounted on it.

Moon occultations can be difficult since the Moon is so bright and the occulted object usually being quite dim. So the huge difference in contrast can make it a challenge to get a decent photo. I had to continually move the telescope so the camera would adjust to the brightness and allow the image of Saturn to appear next to a very bright Moon.

Overall I'm rather pleased with the results.

A view of the Moon while setting up. Too late to catch Saturn before the occultation.

Taken with my Canon SX50, just before Saturn disappears behind the Moon

Saturn appears from behind the Moon. Taken through the telescope with the astro-cam.


14.05.2014. 13:21