Thin Clients

One area of computing that has always fascinated me is the Client-Server networked Thin Client technology. While its been around for a while in the Corporate World where it has its various detractors its not always the 'Cheap Technology' that managers hope it will be.

The Thin Client is a computer, desktop or laptop, that has just enough data-space (often with no Hard Drive at all) to boot up and look for a server on the network. Once a server is found, the Client asks for a Kernel (a piece of 'start-up' software) and begins to set itself up.

All the information that the user would normally store in a local hard drive is instead stored in a users space on the server. The server also has configuration information for the Thin-Client.

So, I've discovered a package, called ThinLinc which is produced by Cendio a Swedish company, which appears to be free for up to ten clients logged in to a server. It installs onto a Linux computer so I guess it needs a hard drive at least. I'm hoping it will be easy to install and get working so I better go try it out.

This should be fun.

As a footnote I'm including the download link for the Cendio download page.

13.05.2014. 06:51