Mobile Station

My new project is to get mobile with a vehicle I can use for country operation. I bought a nicely set up Toyota Spacia with a little fridge powered off an auxiliary battery mounted in the rear. The plan is to set it up with a nice HF rig and a 2Mtr/70cm radio. Then I can go camping and string up a OCF Windom dipole to cover 80 to 10 mtrs.

I've just finished mounting a 20 inch LCD TV inside and the next step is to mount a couple of solar panels on the roof to keep the battery charged. The fridge draws about 3 amps or around 36 watts. The heavy duty auxiliary battery is about 120AH so I should get about 40 hours or about 2 days without any Sun.

Eventually I'll be doing some Radio Astronomy away from strong interference sources. In some cases it may just be monitoring the background sky noise and getting some baseline data. For me it will be great to do some radio work in a quiet environment

The inside of the vehicle is quite comfortable. Now I have the TV mounted and working and running from the 12 volt battery power. I hope to get a Kenwood TS-130S and AT-130 tuner installed next week.

04.02.2015. 09:53

A View From Space

This must be my week for looking at Earth from Space. So enthralled have I been with the ISS HDEV website displaying streaming video from the International Space Station that I keep finding amazing (but probably well known) photographs that make me yearn to be in orbit.

This picture of Tracy Caldwell Dyson back in 2010 when she spent six months aboard the ISS really took me there.

30.05.2014. 13:01

Watching Earth With Cameras

I'm enjoying the view from Space. The International Space Station is carrying several HD quality cameras that are streaming live video as it travels in orbit around the Earth.

The view is just stunning and in some ways mesmerizing as well.

Click on the image above to visit the ISS HiDef site

I wanted to add, that depending on where the Space Station is, you can catch some interesting views of Earth. I just saw the rear facing camera looking back at the horizon with a thin band of atmosphere lit up. Just amazing we're seeing this.

10.05.2014. 13:00