KAIRA - Radio Imaging

One of my favorite and informative sites to visit regularly is http://kaira.sgo.fi/ in Finland where they are doing some great work using the tried and proven LOFAR systems to both image and experiment with Earth Atmospherics.

In the words of the website:
KAIRA (Kilpisjarvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array) is a project of the Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory. KAIRA is a dual array of omni-directional VHF radio antennas, principally funded by the University of Oulu in Finland. It makes extensive use of the proven LOFAR antenna and digital signal-processing hardware, and can act as either a stand-alone passive receiver, as a receiver for the EISCAT VHF incoherent scatter radar in Troms or for use in conjunction with other Fenno-Scandinavian VHF experiments. In additional to being a powerful observing instrument in its own right, KAIRA will act as a pathfinder for technologies to be used in the proposed EISCAT_3D radar system.

Having an interest in Low Frequency Antenna Arrays, I find the articles on the site are useful in understanding the processes used to image the sky, specially astronomical sources.

Shown below is a view of the Radio Sky above the KAIRA facility imaged by their LOFAR system.



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