The sound of Lightning

Its Thursday the 25th January 2018.
It's been a hot day. We're in for a lightning display tonight.

On the spur of the moment I recorded the sound of one of the lightning strikes. I love how the sound of the strike echoes on for over 10 seconds.


25.01.2018. 11:16

SETI at Parkes

The Breakthrough Foundation and Yuri Milner have entered into an agreement with CSIRO to use the Parkes Telescope to Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

The Breakthrough Listen program will be allocated 25% of Parkes observing time for five years from October 2016. On Feb 29 an enthusiastic group from the Breakthrough Listen program arrived at Parkes, and by March 1 the first rack of hardware had already been installed at the telescope.

In this picture you see (left to right) Jamie Drew, David MacMahon, Andrew Siemion, Danny Price and Dan Werthimer during their visit.

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08.03.2016. 20:57